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Cattle Feeding Equipment Supplies Ireland

Are you looking to upgrade your cattle feeding troughs? Need a trusted cattle feeding equipment supplier based in Northern Ireland?

Look no further than Mackins Animals Feeds & Hardware Supplies in Newry! We are an established family-run business with over 30 years of experience providing agricultural supplies across Ireland, including our wide range of animal feed and cattle feeding equipment. We supply a wide collection of cattle feeding troughs in Northern Ireland, and across Ireland; from ring feeders, heavy-duty troughs, calf feeding boxes, bull feeders to mobile meal bins (available in various sizes).

Our range of cattle feeding equipment will help you maintain a healthy herd of cattle for the coming farming season. Get in touch with a leading cattle feeding equipment supplier in Northern Ireland with Mackins Newry!


Ring Feeder

Fully galvanised cow feeder for 20 cows.

Heavy Duty Feeding Troughs

Heavy Duty Double & Single Feeding Troughs with bolt on brackets Hot Dipped Galvanised

Galvanised Trough

Available in double or single. Heavy duty for long lasting service.

Curved Leg Cattle Trough

Fully Galvanised Heavy Duty Curved Legged Feeding Trough.

Curved Leg Cattle Trough

Hang on Trough

30ft Mobile Calf Trough

Trough folds up for transport. Length when moving is reduced to 20ft. Drawbar and support leg are hidden when in use. Hot Dipped Galvanised. Dimensions: Length: 9m, Width: 450mm, Tray Depth: 150mm

Cattle Feeding Barrier Trough

Cattle Feeding Barrier Trough

HD Fully Galvanised Feeding Barrier Troughs 7ft 6” Long

Gate Trough

Capacity 70L. Dimensions 2300mm X 300mm.

Mobile Meal Bin

1 Ton Mobile Meal Bin forklift skids for easy handling, waterproof sliding lid. Fully Galvanised.

2 Ton Mobile Meal Bin

2 Ton Mobile Meal Bin can be transported easily comes with skids for pallet forks and Fully Hot Dipped Galvanised

5, 8 or 12 Ton Mobile Meal Bin

5 or 8 Ton Mobile Meal Bin can be transported easily comes with skids for pallet forks and Fully Hot Dipped Galvanised

 750kgs Mobile Plastic Meal Bin

750kgs Mobile Plastic Meal Bin

Mobile 750kg Meal Bin can be transported by Tractor Bale Lifter or Forks

Hay Racks

Fully galvanised gate type hay rack. Available in 2ft, 4ft and 6ft.

Calf Feeding Box

Hang on Calf Feeding Box available in 2ft 32kg capacity or 4ft 75kg capacity.

Stockman Teat Feeders

Stockman Partitioned Teat Feeders available in 8 sizes 1,3,5,6,8,10,12 and 15 Teat comes with galvanised steel hangers with anti-bunt bar, will fit most gates and fences.

Bale Cradle Feeder c/w Roof

Bale Cradle reduces feed waste. Roof protects bale from the elements. Keeps feed elevated and off the ground. Gate at front makes it easily accessible. Easily Transported. Available with or without roof.

Bull Feeder

Heavy Duty 10 Space Bull Feeder, Hot Dipped Galvanised.

Bull Feeder

Extra heavy duty galvanised bull feeder.