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Calf Creep Feeder

Galvanised Calf Creep Feeder available in 2 sizes 6ft or 8ft with a 500kg or 650kg capacity.

Calf Ad Lib Feeder

8ft Calf Ad Lib feeder comes fully galvanised with a capacity of 450kgs. Double sided feeder with Bird Flaps and pallets forks also comes on wheels.

Cattle Ad Lib Feeder

Ad Lib Feeder capacity 1.5 Ton double sided, 10ft Long X 3.5ft Wide with or with out wheels.

4 Ton Ad Lib Feeder

4 Ton Ad Lib Feeder capacity 4 ton Blown in or filled with loader, double sided feeding, 12ft long.

Diagonal Feeding Barrier

Diagonal Barriers are designed to prevent feed being dragged into the penning area. The design also reduces calves escaping through the barrier. Barriers are supplied with four telescopic adjustable ends. Barriers can be bolted in place or hinged with additional fittings
The standard 15ft9 (4.8m) bay allows for ten head spaces (4.5m Barrier is used). Barriers can be manufactured to any width ranging from 3ft to 25ft.

Timber Feeding Barrier

Timber Feeding Barrier is designed to be able to hinge open completely to give full access to the pen. Option of 60mm or 76mm Horizontal Pipe. Heavy Box Section at the ends prevent barrier from sagging when opened, Cow Safe Latches
Eyebolts at the hanging end allow slope and distance to be adjusted. 8″x 2″ Treated Timber. Specific lengths can be made to order

Headlock Feeding Barrier

Headlocks are designed to suit a wide range of stock. The safety of the animal is secured while allowing the farmer to maintain better management of the herd. Various sizes available to suit customers requirements. Anti Choke mechanism allows the animal to be released quickly and securely. Very quiet operation. Control Lever is connected to a row of Headlocks. Can release all or one at a time. Head width can be adjusted. Lower Cover prevents smaller animals getting caught accidentally. Engineered to be very robust & durable

Calf Feeding Barrier

Calf Feed Barrier 1050mm High Length Varies depending on opening, 1no. Adjustable Feed Rail supplied as standard (Additional Rail = Optional Extra), Made from 40×40 box & 42mm Tubular Steel. Extras such as Man Escape Gate and Drinker Opening can be incorporated in the Barrier

Calf Creep Feeder

Galvanised calf creep feeder with plastic flaps to stop birds.

Calf Pen

Calf Pens: Features Fully Welded (No Sheeting screwed on) – Easy to clean, All Hot Dipped Galvanised 2no. milk bucket holders Plastic slatted floor.

Calf Starter Box

Calf Starter Box is ideal product for training young calves. Features: Can hold up to 5 calves, Prevents bullying, ensuring the calf gets all its milk. Sucking Buckets included, Fitted Wheels allow the box to easily move. 1.6m Wide x 1.5 Deep, Fully Hot Dipped Galvanised

Cow Mats

Heavy duty cow mats, 4ft X 6ft X 18mm, strong and hard wearing.

Cow Mats

Heavy Duty Recycled Rubber Mats 6ft-8in X 3ft-9in X 1in Thick.

PVC Cow Footbath (Profiled Base)

The profiled base helps open hooves for extra penetration of solution. Capacity 300L.

PVC Cow Footbath (Smooth Base)

The smooth base is effective in the treatment of claw/hoof diseases including interdigital dermatitis. Capacity 360L.

PVC Round Feed Trough

Acts as a Meal Feeder when inserted into a standard 20 space Round Feeder. Also Suitable for hay and silage to minimise waste.

Calf Weanling Trough

Fully Galvanised Calf Weanling Trough comes 6ft or 8ft long.