Heiniger Clippers

These Heiniger Clippers are used for clipping cattle, horses and sheep and comes electric or cordless.

Heiniger 12V Cattle Clippers

Heiniger 12V Cattle / Sheep Clippers can be used in remote locations. Clipper can be used for up to 4 – 5 hrs on a car battery.

Liscop Shearers

These Liscop Shearers are used for clipping cattle or sheep and are electric. Comes complete with blades.

Liscop Cordless Cattle Clippers

Liscop Cordless Cattle Clippers with up to 2hrs cutting between charge. The liscop cordless clippers feature an extremely powerful but quite motor.

Constanta 3

These 400W Power electric clippers are used for cattle or horses. Comes with blades and carrying case.

Wolseley Clippers

Tough, powerful and extremely reliable with an appetite for work. The ‘Shear Genius’ is the ideal choice for clipping sheep and dirty cattle ready for sale.


Ideal for Dagging/Tailing
Suitable for shearing small flocks and cattle
Beautifully balanced and 100% safe to use in all weather conditions
Same weight as a standard handpiece
Boasts a 4000 mah lithium battery
Run time approx 1 hour / Charge time approx 2 hour
12v – 180w – 2500spm – 1.35kg
Clipper comes in a handy aluminium carry case complete with :
3x Batteries, Charging unit, 1x Set of blades, Comb protector,
Screwdriver & brush.


A full range of blades available to suit all machines for cattle, sheep and horses. Also a full sharpening service available on site.


A range of single bow and double bow. Burgon and Ball shears available also.