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Rechargeable Dehorner

NEW Horn’up rechargeable dehorner. Easy rechargeable compact dehorner. Simple to use, quick and efficient. Fully charged battery allows for up to 40 head.

Express Gas

Portable Gas dehorner reaches maximum temperature in 3-4mins. Gas canister lasts 3-5 hours. Complete with practical metal case and 2 gas canisters.

Electric Dehorner

Mains dehorner comes with 15mm or 20mm head.

Electric Dehorner

Mains dehorner comes with 15mm or 18mm head and wooden handle. Heating time approx 4-5mins with 2.6m of cable.

Calor Type Dehorner

Traditional gas type dehorner. Complete with 2.5m hose.

Pistol Grip Gas Dehorner

The New Pistol Grip Gas Dehorner holds 110ml gas canisters. Light and easy to use, it comes with a plastic case and two gas canisters and spares.

MooCall Calving Sensor

Moocall Calving Sensor monitors your cows contractions and sends you a notification one hour before she is due to calve.

Calving Aid

Vink stainless steel calving aid with standard ‘straight pull’ quick release, one handed ratchet. Unique non slip pivoting head design fits on the cow for ‘one man’ calving with minimum of stress available with moorepark head.