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Tecnall Calving Aid

Tecnall Calving Aid. Lightweight but heavy duty, square section, two piece 1640mm aluminium shaft, comes with Moorepark Head and 2 calving ropes.

H.K Calving Aid

H.K. Calving Aid is supplied with a galvanised steel 2 piece 1800mm shaft and a pair of ropes. The 2020 ratchet allows for alternative or straight pulls and simple release. Comes with Moorepark Head.

Daisy Lifter

The Shoof Daisy-Lifter cowsling is designed for medium term support for a down cow. The cow is supported over a large body area, thus reducing pressure points. Fully adjustable to any size animal.

Cattle Hoist

A first class cow lift that raises the hindquarters of the cow. Triple tubing with easy adjustments allows up to 900Kgs of lifting force.

Bull Rings

A full range of Bull Rings from 2.25″ to 3″.

Bull Holder

Both long handle and short handle heavy duty Bull Holders.

Bull Halters

A range of Bull Halters, from 24mm rope x 4.2m long and Show Halters 24mm rope x 4.2m long.

Suckling Preventors

A range of suckling preventors, both plastic spiked, metal spiked and metal plate type.

Calf Feeding

Speedy Feeder Shoof, 2.5Ltr capacity. Unique 3 speed calf feeding bottle allows perfect milk flow control.

Calf Stomach

3 Litre capacity flexible feeding bag.

Calf teats

A wide range of calf teats and replacement teats in stock.

Dehorning Wire

Comes in 3.5metres or 12metres.