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Double Drinker

170 gallon, large 6ft x 3ft x 2ft double drinker.

Double Drinker

30 gallon, medium 5ft x 2ft x 18″ double drinker.

Double Drinker

20 gallon, small 3ft x 2ft x 18″ double drinker.

Single Drinker

15 gallon, 3ft x 2ft x 18″ single drinker.

Plastic Self Fill Bowl

4 Litre Plastic Self Fill Bowl comes with high pressure float.

5 Gallon Drinker

5 Gallon Plastic Drinker comes with ball valve wall mounting brackets.

Galvanised Bowls

Fully galvanised self fill bowls complete with ball valve. Available in double or single.

Galvanised 7ltr Drinker

Galvanised 7ltr Drinker c/w HD Bar Surround Hot Dipped Galvanised.

P.V.C. Drinkers

These water troughs are equipped with a sturdy ball valve system. The float itself is protected with a plastic cover. They come in a range of sizes : DT10 – 12 gallons, DT30 – 30 gallons, DT60/70 – 62 gallons, DT90 – 90 gallons

P.V.C. Bowls

3 different sorts available. Green P.V.C. lid type, Blue self fill bowl with bottom bung. Green P.V.C. conventional self fill.

Galvanised Self Fill Drinker

Fully galvanised self fill cattle drinker complete with ball valve. Available sizes are 18″ and 24″.

Galvanised Self Fill Drinker

Tip-over release handle ensures quick emptying & cleaning. Complete with standard 1/2 brass ballcock valve. Ensures quick emptying and cleaning. Supplied with a 2 bar surround. Stainless Steel Finish.

Heavy Duty Small Drinker

Heavy Duty Small Drinker ideal for cattle pens 500mm x 400mm x 200mm deep.

Wall Mounted Drinker

Wall Mounted Drinker available in Galvanised or Stainless Steel, 4ft 150lts or 6ft 250lts other sizes available.

Tip Over Drinker

(Tip Over Galvanised Drinker comes in 3 sizes, 2ft/75L, 4ft/150L and 6ft/250L. The tip-over facility ensures that the drinker can be quickly emptied and cleaned. Other sizes are available on request. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Centralised Drinker Gate

Centralised Tip Over Drinker

Centralised Tip Over Drinker is an excellent solution to providing fresh, clean water to cattle pens

Pasture Pump

Pasture Pump Provides fresh clean water the animal learns immediately how to pump. Pumps water from a depth of 7m or length of 70m.