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The Hotline Peregrine is a dual output high powered energiser with LED efficiency indicator. 6.0 Joules, 10W. Indoor installation only.


The Hotline Condor has a 3.4stored joule, single output med-high powered energiser. Indoor installation only, wall mounted.


The Hotline Eagle is a mains unit with dual power outputs. 2.7 Joules, 10W. Indoor installation only.

Gemini 40

Gemini 40 mains or 12V Battery powered Electric Fence Energiser. Dual input AC-DC energiser powered from the mains adaptor provided or from a 12V battery. Wall, post or earth stake mounted.


The Hotline Harrier is a portable 6V strip grazer with 2 levels of power. Powered by internally houses 6V battery.


The Hotline Hawk is a portable 9V strip grazer. Dual power level. 0-12 Joules. Battery housed internally.


The Hotline Falcon is a 1.7j 12 volt battery electric fencing energiser. Fitted with 4 prong rigid stand, pulse/low battery LED indicator, on/off & high/low switches. Suitable for a wide range of applications where mains power is not available. 3 year warranty.

Chapron Buffalo F15

Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz Power Consumption: 20 to 64 watts maximum. Bi-advanced system: both 15,000 Volts and 3500 Volt Transformer that provides a voltage max. Voltage 15,000 Volts, Energy Stored energy: 30 joules, standard: 15 Joules, 300 Acres

Chapron Sec 15000

Chapron SEC 15000 Electric Fence Power Supply 230 Volt for Bull, Beef, Cow, Deer, Sheep, Boar, Pig etc. Power consumption: 15 watts / splash-proof casing made of UV-resistant ABS plastic. Output voltage: max. 15,000 Volts/ Max. Fence length: up to 270 km.

Chapron Sec 10000

Ideal for the average farmer, Input in Volts: 230v – 50Hz. Consumption in watts: 12W, Voltage 13500V, Maximum energy er pulse in joules: 5j, Max length fence in Km: 200kms.

SX 300

The Wolseley sx300 is the newest on the market. It combines solar power, rechargeable batteries and back up ‘C’ cell batteries to ensure the continued operation even at night and on cloudy days. 1.9 Joules.

DX 200 2J Duo Fencer

DX 200 2J Duo Fencer Compact fencer which works off mains electricity or 12v battery. Integral Energy Saving Mode – draws less energy at night by slowing the pulse of electricity through the line. Features Fence Warning Light and Battery Warning Light. Comes with a 2 year warranty


The Wolseley Mosquito can be powered on a 6, 9 or 12V battery. With warning lights to indicate good line / poor line / battery condition.

PEL S150

The perfect energizer if you‘re a small block holder or a dairy farmer wanting to strip graze. Powers up to 3 acres / 1.2 ha (2 km) of fence. 0.15 J maximum output energy(0.2 J stored energy). Requires minimal sunlight. Energizer requires minimal sunlight hours to keep battery at or near full charge. When fully charged selected portable energizers can operate for up to 21 days without sunlight..

PEL 705S

PEL 705S solar fencer energiser. This super high quality solar fencer is ideal if you are a small block holder or are looking to power a small run off. This solar fencer can power up to 8 acres / 3 ha (5 km) of fence 0.50 J maximum output energy (0.63 J stored energy). Requires minimal sunlight. This energiser requires minimal sunlight hours to keep the battery at or near full charge. When fully charged selected portable energisers can operate for up to 21 days without sunlight.


A large range of accessories available from line testers, fencing reels, gate handles, connectors, insulators and batteries.

B20 Strip Grazer

The Forcefield B20 battery provides 0.2 joules which covers an area of 1.5km (4 acres). It will operate with either a 9V or 12V battery. it has 3 power settings, normal, turbo and night. This allows for energy saving or higher performance if required.

Fencer Reels

We stock a wide range of Electric Fencer Reels Geared and Non Geared with or without tape.

Fencer Wire

A wide range of fencer wires and tapes from 5, 6 and 9 strand and 200, 250 and 500metre coils available.

Poultry Fencing

Poultry netting comes in a 50m length x 112cm high with 11 conducting strands and 3 x 0.20mm stainless steel wires.

Fencing Posts

A wide range of P.V.C. and Steel posts available to suit cattle, horses and sheep.

Sheep Electric Fencing

Sheep Electric Fencing

50m Sheep Net, 90cm in height, 14 integral plastic posts with metal ground spikes, 8 Horizontal wires (of which 7 are electrifiable) Reinforced Top Line