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The Hotline Peregrine is a dual output high powered energiser with LED efficiency indicator. 6.0 Joules, 10W. Indoor installation only.


The Hotline Eagle is a mains unit with dual power outputs. 2.7 Joules, 10W. Indoor installation only.


The Hotline Hawk is a portable 9V strip grazer. Dual power level. 0-12 Joules. Battery housed internally.

Fencer Wire

A wide range of fencer wires and tapes from 5, 6 and 9 strand and 200, 250 and 500metre coils available.

SX 300

The Wolseley sx300 is the newest on the market. It combines solar power, rechargeable batteries and back up ‘C’ cell batteries to ensure the continued operation even at night and on cloudy days. 1.9 Joules.


A large range of accessories available from line testers, fencing reels, gate handles, connectors, insulators and batteries.

Trapper AN24

The trapper is a strong dual fencer for standard fences with normal load. Function control. 2.4 Joules, 12V.


The Hotshock is a powerful fencer for medium to long fences also with vegetable growth. 1.6 Joules, 12V.


The Hotline Harrier is a portable 6V strip grazer with 2 levels of power. Powered by internally houses 6V battery.


The Wolseley Mosquito can be powered on a 6, 9 or 12V battery. With warning lights to indicate good line / poor line / battery condition.

Poultry Fencing

Poultry netting comes in a 50m length x 112cm high with 11 conducting strands and 3 x 0.20mm stainless steel wires.

Fencing Posts

A wide range of P.V.C. and Steel posts available to suit cattle, horses and sheep.