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Hay Bar

Hay Bar comes in two sizes, Horse Hay Bar (36″ high) and Pony Hay Bar (27″ high). It offers a practical solution to feeding hay/haylage in your horses stable as it helps prevent the feed being scattered through the bedding. This is a heavy duty product manufactured from high density Polyethylene with a reinforced top edge so will not rust and is cleaned to maintain hygiene.

HayGain HG1000

2.9KW Steam Generator. HG-1000 is the original HAYGAIN that features the patented steaming method, ‘from the inside out.’ Capable of holding a small strung bale of hay or up to 30kg of loose hay or haylage. Thermally insulated and sealed, the double-skinned container allows very high temperatures to be reached in excess of 100°C, critical to kill harmful fungal spores and bacteria in hay.

HayGain HG600

2.9KW Steam Generator. The HAYGAIN HG-600 accommodates half a small strung bale of hay or up to 15kg of loose hay, haynets or haylage. It is ideal for smaller yards and for use away at competitions. The unit is extremely durable and easy to move around, whether in use at the stables or whilst travelling. The HG-600 is most suitable for owners with 1 to 4 horses.

Hook Over Manger

The over the door manger is a handy compact manger designed to fit on the stable door or similar for quick and easy feeding.

Hay Rack

Wall mounted hay rack comes complete with brackets.

Corner Hay Rack

Comes complete with brackets.

Anti-Weaver Grille

Anti-weaver grille. A grille for the top of the stable door with traditional ‘v’ shape cut-out. Infill available separate.

Infill Grille

Matching simple drop-in section of galvanised steel construction.

Horse Haybell Feeder

Horse Haybell Feeder designed to fit over a standard round bale this product protects haylage in all weather conditions.

Corner Manger

Sturdy heavy duty corner manger used with support frame (sold separately).

Foal Feeder

Adjustable feeding bars so only the foal can eat from it.

Staple On Plate

For fixing chain or rope to a wall, fence or a post.