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Fertiliser & Seed Supplier iRELAND & ni

Do you need a quality fertiliser & seed supplier based in Northern Ireland? Mackins Newry is a leading agricultural supplier – we stock a wide range of animal feed, hardware materials and farming supplies, including fertilisers and seeds!

Our fertilisers provide essential nutrients for that promotes sustainable crop production, giving farmers a healthy harvest, with an increased yield production.

With our seeds range: we provide high quality Germinal grass seeds with a variety of benefits that includes soil-enriching, low maintenance, and disease resistance seeds! 

For a reliable fertiliser and seed supplier in Northern Ireland, you can trust Mackins Newry to provide the right seeds and fertiliser for a bountiful harvest next farming season.


(We Stock a wide Range of Fertilizer ie: UREA, CAN, 27.6.6, 27.4.4+S, 24.6.12, 18.6.12, 20.10.10, 25.5.5, 25.0.5

Grass Seed

(We Stock a wide range Grass Seed check out www.germinal.com for products available.