Cup Square Bolt

Zinc plated cup square bolts complete with nuts. Sizes range from 6mm to 12mm.

HT Bolts

A full range of 8.8 grade high tensile bolts and nuts. All bolts are zinc plated to prevent corrosion. Sizes range from 6mm to 20mm.


A range of rawlbolts from 6mm to 20mm.

Threaded Bar

A range of threaded bar from 5mm to 30mm. Also available with a full range of washers and lock nuts.

Screws-Self Drilling Screws

A range of plain drillers, HD washered driller, stitch screws and wood screws from 3mm to 6mm.

Drill Bits

A full range of drill bits, SDS bits, masonry bits, steel drilling bits and auger wood bits.

Cutting Discs

A full range of cutting discs from 4″ to 12″ stone, metal and diamond tip blades.


We stock a huge range of nails for every possible job. Choose from lost head, galvanised and round wire nails.