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Landscapers rake ideal for new gardens. Available in 48, 32 or 16 tooth.

Floor Brushes

Large selection of floor brushes. Available in 12″, 24″ or 36″.

Scythes and Grass Hooks

Large 24″ scythe and also ‘The Little Giant’ grass hook.

Yard Brushes

Large selection of yard brushes. Available in 10″, 12″, 18″ or 24″.

Sledge Hammer

Available in 8lb, 10lb, 12lb or 14lb in short or long shaft. Available with wooden or fibre glass handle.

Coal Shovel

A small shovel ideal for shovelling coal or for use as a dustpan. Comes with wooden handle or all steel.


We stock a large range of tools, saws, hammers, nail bags, trowels, floats, levels, hawks, screw drivers and pliers.


We stock a large range of shafts from Long Tails, T-handles, Brush, Pick, Sledge Hammer shafts and lots more.

Combination Spanner Set

25 Piece Combination Spanner Set From 6mm to 32mm.