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Smart Hen House

Raised Hen House for 10 large or 12 smaller birds, The perches run the length of the coop and they are fully detatchable and made from recycled plastic which makes them simple to clean. There is a fully opening and shutting routered walkway from the elevated house to the ground which measures 560mm in length. This is a roomy coop with internal floor space of 1038mm x 918mm or 0.95 square metres

Maxi Hen Loft

Our medium sized chicken loft the Maxi Hen Loft has been launched due to popular demand for a larger version of our value chicken coop the mini hen loft. Fitted with 2 perches and nest boxes as standard the maxi hen coop gives larger floor space for up to 4 large laying hens or 6 bantams. Internal Floor Space 1045mm x 536mm or 0.56 square metres. Gives more than enough space for up to 4 large hens or 6 bantams in our medium sized chicken loft. The dimensions of the Maxi Hen Loft are 1320mm wide (with 2 nest boxes attached) x 1220mm long. Weight 34kg.

Dog Houses

These dog houses are manufactured from 3/4″ plywood and covered in aluminium. P.V.C. coated sheeting. They come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large.

Galvanised Dog Run

Fully galvanised dog run measuring 2.5m Long x 1.25m Wide x 1.3m High.

Working Dog Feed

A Range of Dog Feeds Available

Working Dog Nuts

21% Working Dog Nuts