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Red Feeders

These very popular feeders come with lids on top to keep feed dry and come in 3 different sizes. 1Kg feeder, 3Kg feeder and 6Kg feeder.

Red Drinkers

These are also a very popular drinker that come in 3 different sizes. 1.5L drinker, 3L drinker and 6L drinker.

Green Super Drinkers

These drinkers come with legs and can be unfolded in 2 stages to adjust the height of the drinker depending on the age and type of bird. 3 sizes are available, 4L, 8L and 12L.

Green Super Feeders

These feeders can be hung or stood on the ground. The height of the tube and grid can be adjusted to vary the flow of food. Available in 2 sizes, 3Kg and 6Kg.


The Mini King feeder come complete with top hat and legs. A very popular feeder, available in 2 sizes.

Galvanised Feeder

The Champion Tube feeder holds 13.5Kgs mash or 16Kgs pellets. Suitable for day old to table stage turkeys or chickens.

Galvanised Drinker

The Galvanised Fountain drinker is made from heavy duty gauge sheet steel. Available in 9Ltrs or 18Ltrs.

Egg Incubator

24 Egg Incubator will take up to 60 eggs. Ideal for hobbyist or professional.

Poultry Healthcare

Red Mite Powder, Mite Kill Spray, Scaly Leg Spray and Herbal Worm Pellets.

Lamp Holder

Standard Infra-Red Lamp Holder ideal for new born chicks or piglets.

Infra Red Bulbs

Infra-Red Bulbs push in or screw in bulbs in stock.