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Sheep Feeders for Sale

Are you looking for quality sheep feeders for sale? Mackins Newry is a leading sheep feeding and handling equipment supplier in Northern Ireland! We offer sheep farmers practical solutions with our cost-effective supplies for lambs and sheep, bringing a high standard of quality to help farmers take better care of your flock. Our wide range of sheep farming equipment includes; durable sheep feeding troughs, lamb creep feeders, lamb weight bridges, sheep turn over crates, hay racks and much more!

Get stocked up from a leading sheep feeding and handling supplier in Northern Ireland with the best materials for your rams, ewes and lambs.

Large Sheep/ Lamb Creep Feeder

Capacity: 470L (Approx. 300kg), Width between bars: 210mm, Feeding Height: 325mm, Wheels: 480mm diameter, Feed rate is adjustable, Creep gates are hinged for transport, Fully Hot Dipped Galvanised & Detachable hitch.

Lamb Creep Feeder

Mushroom type feeder.

Creep Feeder on Wheels

Fully galvanised lamb creep feeder on wheels. Heavy duty. Available in 8ft and 4ft.

Creep Feeder on Wheels

Fully galvanised lamb creep feeder on wheels. Heavy duty. Available in 8ft and 4ft.

Creep Feeder

Galvanised 4ft x 4ft lamb creep feeder.

8ft Champion Lamb Creep Feeder

(8ft Champion Lamb Creep Feeder available with wheels, 3 point linkage or on skids. Fully Hot Dipped Galvanised.)

Sheep Trough

8ft sheep trough on legs.

Sheep Trough

8ft galvanised sheep trough.

Ring Feeder

Galvanised round ring feeder.

Lamb Adopter

Fully galvanised lamb adopter

Lamb Weighbridge

Fully Galvanised Lamb Weighbridge with Front, Rear and Two Side Opening Gates Weighs up to 300kgs.

Sheep Turn Over Crate

New design sheep roll over crate grabber frame will catch any size sheep. Universal design allows use from any direction in race, roll over frame extends out from main frame when in use to provide greater access to feet
Grabber arms adjustable in width too suit size of sheep. Easily operated with quick release lever operated with foot to improve operator efficiency, 100% Hot dipped galvanised.

Sheep Roll Over Crate

Fully Galvanised Sheep Roll Over Crate comes with side opening gate and front headlock gate.

Mobile Dagging Crate

Galvanised Mobile Dagging Crate with Auto-Head Lock. Is suitable for field use or in a yard.

Ring Feeder (Horned)

5ft diameter with box section. Fully galvanised.

Lamb Saver/Adopter

Simple frame fixes over hurdles with two pins. Sheeted panels prevent visual distraction of the ewe. Simple, easily adjusted four-position neck yoke (70 to 135mm widths) allows head movement whilst effectively restraining the ewe.

Sheep Dipping Tank

Versatile tank for dipping or bathing sheep in disinfection solution. Designed for installation in the ground with stepped exit for smooth passage. Capacity 1136L.

Sheep Feeding Barrier

Sheep Feeding Barrier, fully Galvanised with 21 feeding spaces. Can come with man gate.

Sheep Walk-Through Trough

The Walk Through Trough is available in 2.4m (8ft) or 3m (10ft) in length. Ideal for dividing sheep pens. Has an adjustable feed rail height. Hot Dipped Galvanised.

Mobile Sheep Race

Mobile Sheep Race comes with 2 extra 10ft panels, Hot dipped fully Galvanised.

Sheep Race Handling System

Sheep Race, fully portable and fully galvanised.

PVC Sheep Footbath (Profiled Base)

The profiled base opens hooves for extra penetration of solution. Portable and versatile it is quick and easy to set up anywhere on the farm. Narrow shape makes it ideal for mobile sheep races. Capacity: 145L.

Hay Rack

Fully Galvanised Sheep Hay Rack.

Sheep Hurdle Loop Type

(Sheep Hurdles Loop Type comes in 4ft,5ft and 6ft fully hot dipped galvanised.)

4ft Galvanised Hayrack

(4ft Galvanised Hayrack c/w Trough.)

Sheep Hurdle Pin Type

(Sheep Hurdles Pin Type comes in 4ft,5ft and 6ft fully hot dipped galvanised.)

Sheep Hay Rack

(8ft Sheep Hayrack c/w Trough, Hot Dipped Galvanised.)