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Zeus Epicrop

Epic 5 with 5 layer technology 750mm X 1500m X 25 Microns.


Farmers Silograss is one of the most established silage wraps in todays market suitable for round bale wrapping and big square bales 750mm X 1500mm X 25 Microns.

Zeus Balewrap

Bale Wrap with 3 layers of filim 750mm X 1500m X 25 Microns.

Silage Covers

With a wide range of silage covers to choose from. We have the size to suit your needs.

Silograss Mini

Silograss Wrap for small bales, 3 layers 375mm X 1500m X 25 Microns.

Mini Wrap

Mini Wrap is small in size and big in benefits. Multi layer construction for optimum strength. Two-sided tack for superior sealing between layers. Highly versatile – suitable for use on all mini-wrappers.

Silage Tape

Silage repair tape comes in 3″ x 20m rolls.

Epicrop Gold Bale Net

Gold Double Chain is developed using the latest developments in net technology. It uses an innovative, state of the art technology to increase strength by using Double Chain instead of traditional single chain. Gold Bale Net provides users with the highest quality, highest resistance and maximum strength bale net on the market today. It gives 310kg breaking strain which is the strongest in the market.

Epicrop Red 2

Red Bale Net

Red Bale Net is characterised by the superior quality and ability to adapt perfectly to crop conditions at any time. The raw materials and production methods used provide users with a greater net strength. It gives max breaking strain of 250kg and improved protection from the elements.

Epicrop Blue Bale Netting

Blue Bale Netting is characterised by the ability to adapt perfectly to crop conditions at any time

Bailer Twine

A range of fine, medium and heavy duty bailer twine in stack.