Clulite Clubman

Clulite rechargeable lamp with professional power. Full and dipped beam. 12 volts, 7 amp/hr.

Clulite Smartlite

Clulite rechargeable torch with full and dipped beam. 12 volts, 7 amp/hr.

Clulite Eco-Liter

A professional high powered lamp. Waterproof and weatherproof. Fully rechargeable.


A dry battery torch. Water resistant. Dual battery operation complete with battery.

Hotline Torch

Hotline Fully Rechargeable Torch with LED working beam. Come with weatherproof case, mains charger and car charger.

Power Torch

Dry battery torch which is water resistant and comes with spare bulb and battery.

Utility Torch

This is an economy torch which comes with battery.


Foxlight – Nine L.E.D. bulbs projecting at 360 degrees can be seen over 1km. Foxlight appears as if someone is patrolling with a flash light which keeps preadators away with there natural fear of man.