Silo Mortar

Our dry Silo Mortar Mix consists of sand, cement and admixtures. This results in a consistently high-quality mix that is easy-to-use. DRY SILO MORTAR APPLICATIONS, Brick, block and stone bedding, Repointing, General masonry repairs.


Premium Washed Building/Plastering Sand. High Quality Washed Building/Plastering Sand. Available in 40kg Bags, 1 Ton Bags or Bulk Collected or Delivered


Premium Grade Cement, our Premium Grade Cement boasts 42,5N strength for exceptional performance. For jobs which require higher strength cement, such as screeds, concrete, plastering and mortar, this Premium Grade product is ideal. Floor screeders in particular will be impressed by the smooth, uniform finish and drying performance of this high-performance bagged cement.

Concrete Blocks

4″ Concrete Block (440mm x 215mm x 100mm), 6″ Concrete Block (440mm x 215mm x 150mm), Concrete Brick (215mm x 100mm x 65mm)


is a rapid setting concrete for securing metal, wood and concrete posts and is now available in showerproof 20kg bags. This quick drying cement is suitable for use on fences, decking gazebos etc.

Mortar Plasticiser

is a plasticising/air-entraining admixture for site-mixed bricklaying and plastering mortars. It is manufactured from a blend of specially selected synthetic surfactants. Mortar Plasticiser improves the workability of mortar for masonry, brickwork and sand/cement rendering without the need for lime. In addition, increases the resistance of the mortar to frost by entraining air.

Pink Waterproofer

is a standard setting, liquid integral waterproofer for mortar, render and concrete. It inhibits the passage of liquid water through the capillary and pore network in cementitious materials, but does not form a vapour barrier thus allowing the structure to breathe. Pink Waterproofer is non-retarding, chloride-free and equally compatible with all cements. Pink Waterproofer is not suitable for use in areas where there is hydrostatic pressure.

Rapid Hardener & Frostproofer

is a set and hardening accelerator for concrete and mortar. It is a highly concentrated calcium chloride based liquid admixture formulated to accelerate the setting time of cement based mixes in cold weather and increase the rate of hardening of concrete and other cement mixes.

Cement Colours

are concentrated powder pigments for use with any cementitious mix. They are suitable for use in coloured mortars, renders, concrete mixes, grouts and pointing. Larsen Cement Colours are supplied in easy to use resealable packs. Easy to use Available in 4 colours Black, Red, Brown, Yellow

Damp Proof Course

(DPC) is designed to prevent the passage of moisture in brick and block work from external sources. DPC is manufactured from high quality reprocessed materials to provide a cost effective and durable domestic grade damp proof course. Available in 4”,6”, 9” 18” or 24” X 30m

Mortar Tubs

are manufactured from high quality polyethylene. They allow the safe and easy transport of mortar around site. High quality polyethylene painted steel two handle lifting frame. Frame secured with stainless steel rivets Easy attachment of suitable steel lifting chains Design allows easy separation of the stacked units. Volume – 330L