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Flock nutrition has become an important part of performance and profitability, and requires particular attention at and around lambing times. Intensive feeding of lambs requires concise ration formulation and feeding management. Throughout the years we have supplied the evolving sheep industry from the Mourne Mountains across to the Cooley Mountains in all weather conditions! As a result we have built up an extensive knowledge of ration formulation.

Supreme Ewe Crunch

Only the best quality ingredients are used in our sheep feeds, all our rations use high quality protein sources of Hypro soya and protected soya products. Energy density is boosted by including whole maize and oats and high quality digestible fibres including Sugar beet. This combined with a superior quality mineral and vitamin package makes this an excellent pre and post lambing feed.

Intensive Lamb Crunch

This is one of our best sellers. It maximises the use of quality protein sources to promote maximum lamb growth and carcase gain. High energy feeds particularly cereals mean this is an excellent fininshing diet. Inclusion of high quality digestible fibre sources and mean this is suited to intensive feeding systems. Sufficient Ammonium Chloride is included to prevent potential urinary calculi issues in young lambs.

Sheep Nuts

Ewe & Lamb Nuts are designed to be fed to both ewe’s and lamb’s in order to maintain condition and maximise growth. This ration has a high cereal inclusion, complemented by a range of quality protein sources. A high quality sheep supplement is included in this product in order to provide all of the necessary vitamins & minerals required by sheep.

Intensive Lamb Pellets

Intensive Lamb Pellets are designed to promote rapid growth rates within intensive production systems. Intensive Lamb Pellets contain high levels of protein to achieve rapid growth rates. High levels of cereals are included in this diet, producing energy which is available to the lambs. A high level of digestible fibre means that this ration can be fed at high levels in a creep feeder. Ammonium Chloride is included to prevent urinary calculi in young lambs.

Additional Products Available :

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