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At Mackins we are your one stop for coal in Newry, Warrenpoint, Dundalk and Armagh. We sell coal, doubles, singles, slack, smokeless and calco. We have a large range of high heat, low ash fuels and all our solid fuels are under one roof so all you have to do is drive in and get loaded up clean and dry. All our fuels are keenly priced and we also have a delivery service available. We have late night opening in the winter time, thursday nights to 8pm. All our coal products come in 40kg bags, 500kg bags and are also available in bulk.


Premium Household Coal, large size coal, burns with a long flame, low ash content suitable for open fires and multifuel stoves. Has a high Heat output, not suitable for smokeless zones.


Premium Household Doubles, medium size Coal, burns with a long flame, low ash content, suitable for open fires and multifuel stoves. Has a high heat output also, not suitable for smokeless zones, our best seller.


Singles mainly used to back up the fire but they also create their own heat. Suitable for multifuel stoves also.


Coarse Slack used to back up the fire overnight and prolong the fire burning also suitable for multifuel stoves.


Grade A Natural Smokeless Fuel providing excellent heat and low ash. A very clean fuel ideal for stoves and closed solid fuel stoves.


Pet Coke gives a high heat output suitable for burning in smokeless zones.

Warm Glo (Calco Flame)

Pet Coke and Lignite Nugget mix which gives a high heat output at an economy price burns to a fine ash. This is a smokeless fuel!

Lignite Nuggets

Manufactured Smokeless fuel in a nugget shape that that burns completely to a fine ash.

Redflame Ovoids

Redflame Smokeless Fuel is manufactured by specifically for all Irish smokeless zones. Highly recommended by most stove manufactures. Redflame is high in heat, low in ash, suitable for open fires, stoves, ranges and all enclosed fire and is the ideal fuel for all purposes. Highly recommended.

Golden Glow

Golden Glow blended Smokeless Fuel. Suitable for smokeless zones. Golden Glow is high in Heat and low in ash long lasting fuel) (Put in after Redflame Ovoids.


We have a range of fully seasoned Logs, Kindling Sticks and Peat Briquettes in stock also.