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Rubber Cattle Slat Matts

Cattle Squeeze Crush

Cattle Squeeze Crush (Cattle Squeeze Crush, Features: Quick release squeeze handle on the side of the crush box allowing any hand operation and increasing efficiency.  Squeeze controls on side of the crush box.  Minimal effort operation.

Supreme Crush Box

The Supreme Crush Box is great addition to the end of any cattle race. Its designed to allow the user gain full unrestricted access to either side of the animal.

· 2.8m Long x .735m Internal Width x 2m High
· Condon Beefgate is incorporated into the front of the unit to minimise obstruction to the animals neck
· Sliding Gate can be on the left or right
· Weighing System and Loadbars can fitted
· All access doors are spring load and be easily opened/closed
· Kraiburg Monta Mat is fitted to the floor to provide superior grip
· Middle Gate allows a backing bar to be pushed to the rear of the animal
· Head Scoop can be fitted to either side

16ft Mobile Cattle Crush

8ft of Chequered Plate Floor, Rotates into 8ft, Semi-Auto Head Gate, Slam Back Gate, 2 bar C/Section gate,3 point linkage & pallet forks
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Cattle Hurdles

Fully Galvanised Cattle Hurdles 2.4m Long x 1.5m High) Put in After 16ft Mobile Crush

Universal 2000 Crush

Fully galvanised with 4 lower side gates to allow easy access. Newly designed side gates have the strength to hold in even the liveliest of animals.

Hoof Pairing Crate

Fully Galvanised Hoof Pairing Crush comes with 2 front leg rest with tighteners and 2 side opening gate.

Hoof Pairing Hoist

Galvanised portable hoof hoist which fits onto any Crush.

Portable Crush

Fully galvanised comes with the semi automatic gate. Safe handling by the farmer in a one man operation. Can come with head scoop.

Slam Back Gate

Galvanised Slam Back Gate, 1030mm High x 800mm Long.

Cage crush Gate

Cage Crush Gate available in LHS or RHS, will open flat against a wall, three sides of cage can open comes with Manual Head Gate.

Warrior Head Gate

The Condon Warrior Head Gate is a scissor type gate that allows the farmer to manually close the gate when the animal is positioned correctly.
• Available with the Lever Arm on the Left or Right side
• Fully sheeted sides prevent the animal getting caught between frame and centre bars
• Sides will lock at any point – no adjustment needed
• Extension Lever Arm can be fitted to allow closing of head gate from the rear of the animal
• Head Scoop can be fitted easily on either side

Semi Automatic

The semi automatic crush gate has a simple 1 lever operation available with a painted or galvanised finish.

Anti Backing Bar Sliding Manual

(Anti Backing Bar Sliding, hot dipped galvanised.

Universal Head Locking Gate

All quick adjust bars on the Universal Gate are spring loaded allowing faster adjustment and more secure holding

Manual Head Gate

Manual Head Gate available in LHS or RHS comes with extension bar

Head Scoop

Moulded plastic head scoop reduces the movement of the animals head. Can be attached with various brackets available in right hand or left hand to suit all crushes.

Manual Head Gate with Plates

Manual Head Gate available in LHS or RHS comes with Plates and with extension bar

Dual Headsoop

Dual Headscoop can fit onto a LHS or RHS Head Gate

Anti Backing Bar Dual Semi Automatic

Anti Backing Bar dual so works on both Left and Right hand crushes, Hot dipped galvanised.

Calf/ Lamb Staller

Designed to ease the management associated with the rearing of young calves. The calves can be easily head stalled in this Staller.

Cattle Hurdle

Cattle Hurdle Cattle Hurdles are very useful in setting up a temporary pen on an outfarm. Features: 5 Rails 2.4m Long 1.5m High, 42x2mm Rails, 40x40x25 SHS uprights, 16mm solid Bar Drop pins

Swinging Cow Brush

Swinging Cow Brush, Strong, durable structure, Provides excellent stimulus for animals, Keeps animals’ hair clean, Animals are able to brush the top of their back as well as their sides, No electricity required, low cost of install and usage, Beneficial for the physical and mental well-being of animals, Turns from one side to another mechanically

Vink Cattle Brush

Vink Cattle Brush Fullly Galvanised for a long life, the Vink Cattle Brush has a fixed vertical brush and spring loaded horizontal brush. Vink recommened one brush per 50 – 60 cows.

Cattle Weighing Scale

Accurate regular weighing improves productivity and profit on farm. Fully Galvanised tray. Determine the optimum time to sell stock.

Galvanised Crush Panel

60mm Galvanised Crush Panel with 60mm x 60mm Box ends.

Crush Hanging Posts

Crush Hanging Posts (Crush Hanging Posts available in 1D, 2D, 3D and Crush Receiving Posts)

Crush Post C/W Holes

Crush Posts C/W Holes 48mm or 60mm) Image Crush Post with Holes

Curved Crush Panel

Curved Crush Panel

Circular Forcing Area provides a very fast and extreme safe way of loading cattle into a crush race

Calf De-horner

Allows quick and safe dehorning of calves in a simple one man operation. Once inside the crate, the calf is held firmly in place.

Standard Dehorner Box

Fully Galvanised Standard Dehorner Box.

Deluxe Dehorning Box

The deluxe dehorning box holds the animal in place allowing the calf to be dehorned safely. The crate is on wheels allowing it to be moved to whatever location ensuring animals are calm during dehorning process.

6 x 6 RSJ Post

Fully Galvanised RSJ Post available in 6 X 6 or 4 X 4

Rubber Cattle Slat Matts

Rubber Cattle Slat Matts

Features: Made to Measure System, 1no. Mat covers the full width of the slat. Raw Mat is German Manufactured to the highest standard, 5 year Warranty (Image Rubber Slat Matts

Rubber Cattle Slat Matts


Stockboard 8ft X 4ft x 6mm) Put in after Rubber Cattle Slat Matts

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