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Every farm is unique with individual goals, targets and challenges. The evolved modern dairy cow requires concise year round nutritional management to achieve optimum performance. We offer a full professional technical support and backup to assist with routine formulation and troubleshooting issues.

Mackins’ Dairy Coarse Ranges

Mackins Coarse Feeds are formulated using only selected high quality raw materials. They are designed using latest industry research and protocols to drive herd health and performance. We have a specific Mackins high performance mineral and vitamin inclusion that incorporates a unique hoof care and rumen health package designed to reinforce herd immunity.

Mackins Top Yield Dairy 18% to 24%

Top Yield Range are a unique balance between starch, digestible fibre and protein to maximize forage intake, milk output and quality. Top Yield is our most popular range specially designed for optimum rumen function across a range of forage qualities and feed rates.

Mackins Elite Dairy 18% to 24%

Elite Range is designed to drive milk solids and milk yield. Its a truly unique feed range to maximize the feature and benefits of its raw material portfolio. High quality protein and specific glucogenic energy sources are incorporated to drive liver function and herd health. Elite range is ideally suited to all forage profiles maximizing rumen performance.

Customer Tailored Blends

We can offer specific customer rations manufactured to own recipe or using our on-farm nutritional service. We also have the ability to manufacture a suitable balancer feed to exploit your on farm resources. At Mackins all balancer formula’s are scrutinized for supplementation requirements depending on your circumstances.

Mackins Dairy Nut Range 16% to 22%

At Mackins we offer a comprehensive range of dairy nuts to suit all situations and feeding systems. All our nuts are designed to maximise milk quality and output while enhancing cow health status. For more details on which nut is right for you please contact a member of Mackins Sales team.

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