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Pigs need a balanced diet of fibre, energy, protein and vitamins to thrive. Feed is the most important part in keeping pigs, so it pays to get it right thats where we come in at Mackins, below is a range of our pig feeds.

Sow Breeder

Custom designed high energy sow feed, designed to minimise body condion loss and maximise energy status to return sow back to service quickly. A multi-purpose ration and can be used top lactating and dry sows.

Super Pig Grower

Super pig grower is a quality pig grower feed designed to maxmise potential of young growing pig up to 4months. This is specially balanced high barley and maize ration to maximise feed efficiency and lean gain. A special mineral/ vitamin and additive package ensure growth is not compromised.

Super Pig Finisher

Super Pig Finisher is designed for the finishing pig up to the point of slaughter. It will complement the grower ration and continue lean development and growth. Only high quality raw materials are included to ensure maximum daily gains and feed efficiency.