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Continental LP Tractor Sprayer

Polyethylene Tank, High Pressure Pump and Propelling Galvanised Steel Frame.

Quad Sprayer (95L)

Enduramaxx 95 Litre 12V Sprayer 8.3 L/M 60 PSI Pump.

Quad Sprayer (55L)

Enduramaxx 55 Litre 12V Sprayer 8.3 L/M 60 PSI Pump.


The Agrimex Knapsack 20Litre Sprayer is a professional sprayer designed for the agricultural or landscapers use.

Swissmex MX07 15 Litre

MX07 Model has a simple and extra tough design that provides years of day-long use at the field

Cooper Pegler CP3

A manual Cooper Pegler diaphragm knapsack sprayer. Robust and durable the CP3 Classic is the ideal knapsack for all you Spraying needs.

Matabi Evolution 15LTC

Battery powered sprayer with 15 litre capacity and electronic control, performed effortlessly by the user. Sprayer suitable for use in large gardens. Battery powered sprayer with 18-volt lithium battery. High performance with: fiberglass lance, reinforced hose and INOX handle.
Instant start-up and stop of spraying. Suitable for application of products of natural origin (pelargonic, acetic, etc…)

Protool Cordless Sprayer:

Protool 12 V Cordless Rechargeable Sprayer 16 Litre, Charge lasts 4 hours, Battery powered Knapsack Sprayer, Super High Pressure, Complete with charger, straps and 3 different type nozzles and extendable lance 230 volt 50 Hz

Economy Sprayer

This 16Litre economy sprayer is suitable for light and domestic work. It comes in a 16Litre capacity with lever, lance and arm clamps for easy transportation.


The Rapid sprayer comes in 2 sizes, 9Litre or a 6Litre. The Rapid comes with carrying handle and is also for professional use.


The SP20A is a 10Litre acid sprayer, robustly constructed with long flexible hose for extra reach and easy to use on/off trigger.


The Tecnoma T7 and T10 pressure sprayer with capacity of 7Litres and 10Litres, are ideal for treating large gardens and spraying at height (fruit trees, hedges etc..)


With their small capacity, 1Litre and 2Litre, these small sprayers are the ideal solution for small scale garden work.

Sprayer Accessories

A wide range of twin nozzles, telescopic lances, extra long hose sets, weed control shields and weed control nozzles available.

Spray Guns

A wide range of hoselock and economy spray guns available.

Hozelock Fittings and Reels

A Range of Hozelock Reels and Water Fittings in Store.

Grassland Sprays

A large range of grassland herbicides and weed control.