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Daz 90 Wash

Dazzling whites and spotless brights, Dissolves quickly for a deeper clean, Will work just as well at lower temperatures, Notice results after just one wash,Will last for 90 washes) Image Daz 90 Wash

Fairy 65 Wash

Fairy Non biological washing powder – 65 Washes (4.2kg)(Image Fairy 65 Wash

Bold Lavender 90 Wash

Bold 2 In 1 Washing Powder. XXXL Pack. Lavender & Camomile with a touch of Lenor freshness. 5.85kg. 90 wash pack.

Ariel 100 Wash

Professional detergent specially formulated to deliver outstanding cleaning & stain removal results in the 1st wash. Designed to deliver excellent stain removal, deep down cleaning, color brightness, great freshness and efficiency at low temperature. Comes from the unique combination of high performing ingredients.

Comfort Pure Fabric 5 Litres

Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner. Outdoor freshness Dermatologically tested. 45 wash. Volume: 5L (Approx.)

Fairy Professional 5 Litre

Washing up liquid removes grease easily – pots and pans, crockery, cutlery and glasses – windows, mirrors, tables and seating. 5 Litres.

Domestos Bleach

Domestos Bleach 5 Litres nothing protects as long. Kills all known germs dead. Thick formula clings better for lasting protection. The formula gives you long lasting germ kill. Advanced Domestos Professional bleach formula – prevents limescale. Certified by RSPH – Royal Society for Public Health.

Finish 110 Pk

Finish 110 Pack The Powerball soaks and softens tough food residues. Powerful detergent lifts off and washes away all traces of food. The powerball soaks and softens food stains. Powerful detergents lift off and wash away all traces of food.

Autosmart G101 All Purpose Cleaner

Autosmart G101 is a great all round non caustic highly dilutable cleaner. Use on those difficult to clean areas of the interior, such as headlinings, door panels and boot linings. Highly dilutable. An excellent multi-purpose non-caustic cleaner. Especially effective on hard surfaces, painted surfaces, wheels, bonnet areas + plant & manufacturing equipment.

Jeyes Fluid

Jeyes Fliud 5 Litres. Use Jeyes Fluid for clearing and freshening drains, scrubbing grime, mould and algae off paths or patios and cleaning up hygienically after pets. It’s also ideal for cleaning up outdoorfurniture, greenhouses and garden tools. It even kills the H5N1(bird flu) virus.) Image Jeyes Fliud

Battles Black Fluid

This is a water miscible black fluid for general use.

Caustic Soda

Caustic Soda is a white granular powder which when added to water produces a solution which is ideal for unblocking drains and heavy-duty cleaning comes in 500g or 25kgs.

Centrachlor Red Label

Centrachlor Red Label is a powerful patio and driveway cleaner which needs to be diluted down 5 to 1 with water. For more stubborn dirt and grime use a stronger mixture. It is perfect for algae, moss and other general dirt. For best results, pour into a bucket with water, mix, scrub affected area with a hard bristled brush and leave to work its magic. After a few hours wash off solution with a hose and leave to dry.

Blue Rolls

2 Ply Blue Rolls Pack of 6) Image Blue Rolls.

Galvanised Mop Bucket

Galvanised 11 Litre Mop Bucket.

Floor Mop

Floor Mop Complete with wooden Shaft.

Soft Floor Brushes

Soft Floor Brushes with or Without Shaft)image Floor Brush.

Mobile Clothes Line

Fully Galvanised Clothes Line on Wheels

Wheelie Bin

Wheelie Bin 240l available in Black, Blue and Green

Black Dustbin

Black Dust Bin c/w Clip on Lid sizes available 50L & 80L

Incinerator Bin

Galvanised Incinerator Bin